Common Illness and Workers Comp

If you sustain an illness or injury on the job, you may wonder about whether you’re entitled to workers’ compensation, or workers’ comp. These insurance benefits are provided by your employer, and cover your medical expenses and lost wages due to needed time off. Workers’ comp also covers rehabilitation-related expenses.

The experts at Berkower Pain and Spine Rehabilitation, led by David Berkower, DO, provide care for new and existing patients in and around the Pembroke Pines, Florida area. We have the experience with workers’ comp you can rely on! We can treat your condition, providing relief for your symptoms, and help you navigate the related paperwork.

Illnesses and workers’ comp

While workers’ comp obviously covers injuries sustained on a job site, illnesses can be more difficult to pin down. Several common illnesses can result from job site conditions, potentially entitling you to workers’ comp. However, illnesses deemed to be ordinary diseases of life may not be covered by workers’ comp. You may need to submit documentation proving the link between your work site and your illness or injury.

Some of the most common illnesses that result from job site conditions and entitle you to workers’ comp are:

If you think your illness is related to exposure to conditions or substances at your work site, you’ll need to file your workers’ comp claim promptly. You should file within two years of either the date when you became disables, or the date when you realized you’d become ill or injured due to work site conditions.

Getting the treatment you need

If you’ve suffered an illness or injury in relation to your work site, contact Dr. Berkower today. After getting the right treatment, you’ll be back on your feet and ready to return to your daily work life. Whether you need physical rehab, medical management, or in-office treatments like injections, the  Berkower Pain and Spine Rehabilitation team are here for you.

Prompt treatment for illness or injury will help you heal right, so you won’t have painful or expensive complications down the road. When you come into the office, Dr. Berkower can diagnose your condition and recommend the right interventions to help you complete a total recovery. If you have lingering issues after your illness and recovery, Dr. Berkower can also provide ongoing professional support.

You can schedule an appointment at Berkower Pain and Spine Rehabilitation by calling our Pembroke Pines, Florida offices at 954-430-9972. Or, book your appointment with the online tool.

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